Shatta Wale Refuses To Apologise After Being Banned From The 2016 Ghana Video Music Awards


For a while now, there have been speculations that Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, has been banned indefinitely from the VGMAs as a result of the unending insults he throws at Charter House, the organisers of the award ceremony.

The feud between the singer and the organisation started in 2014 after he accused their CEO Iyiola Ayoade of side-lining Ghanaian artistes, something he said she could never do in her home country of Nigeria.

Shatta was then dragged to court by Charter House for defamation and reportedly slammed with a 3-year ban
from the award ceremony. Despite the ongoing beef, Shatta still submitted his songs for consideration for the 2016 VGMA’s.

However, Charter House confirmed yesterday at a press conference that Shatta Wale has indeed been banned
from the VGMAs and competing for an award, therefore his works wouldn’t be considered for nominations. The organisation had earlier stated that the only way peace will be made was for Shatta to make a public apology to the board and the scheme and complete some other processes which the singer has refused to do.

Reacting to the news, Shatta took to his Facebook page to state that he will not apologise to the organisation:

Why should i always i apologize for the monster you have made me become when no one has ever apologized for making me this way. if you put me in a cage like an
animal and feed me with fresh bloody meat for years,imagine what will happen if i break the cage and come out, i will be forced to live the bloody way you trained me

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