Open Letter To The Okoye’s (Psquare ) – From A Concerned Fan


This Open letter was written by a Concerned Fan to the Okoye’s.

Read below:-

I really don’t care what the world would think about this, call it attention seeking or whatever, but the truth remains, I really don’t care. I’m really pained seeing something like this happening to the Okoye’s family.

Back then in Jos everything you guys are today began in St. Murumba secondary school Jos, that small Catholic school that has made you all big today. Peter, Jude and Paul I still remember vividly well when you all joined the music and dancing school, how everyone loved you guys, how united and hardworking you all were until God placed you guys at the top today.

I thought when people grow older and richer, more sense and way of doing things emerge too. But your own case is different. I’m not siding anybody on this because I’m really disappointed in you all. Only God knows how your late mom would be feeling on the sh!t you guys are painting the family with. You have many fans and people looking up to you guys and this is what they get in return. What a shame!!!

This is a family issue and should be talked about within the family circle. Taking it down to social media is the dumbest and most childish thing I have ever seen.

Checkout billions of fans world wide who already know your mess, exposing each other on the Internet. Honestly that’s a very stupid act. Are you guys telling it to the world for settlement or you guys are just been naive?

Listen, this is exactly what many people want to happen between your family, they have been praying for years for it to happen, and here you are giving it to them. What a shame to the Okoye’s. Now your conflicts is trending all over the internet, different blogs and news platform having it too. Making it possible for more audience to know whats going on.

I am not here to analyse who is or not at fault like I mentioned above, all I just want from you guys is to stop been childish and talk things out within yourself and stop exposing yourselves for the general public to laugh at.

Firstly, I noticed some people supporting Paul, that he is more matured than Peter and others supporting Peter that he is more cool and friendly than Paul. WTF!!! They are just increasing the fire. Stop all this social media childs play and find a better solution to your current situation.

Or are you guys thinking you can be strong individually? Hell NO.. We know and Appreciate P’square not Peter Okoye or Paul Okoye, Get that Straight!!

Even though some would think it’s none of my business but I must admit it really is because I can’t seat and watch people whom I know from day one to tarnish their image just because they lack inspiration.

What do you think Guys?

Drop your Comments.

Written by:- Chimezie Peters Ozofor | @MezyKings


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