I have been fully paid – D’banj’s Emergency producer, P Loops Voice’s Out


Two days ago, thenet exclusively reported that kokomaster, D’banj
has just met the producer of his latest single ‘Emergency’ for the very first time ever, almost two months after the song was released on the Glo CAF awards stage on January 7, 2016.

The young producer goes by the name ‘P Loops‘. Fresh reports however surfaced online a few hours ago saying the producer granted an interview claiming not to have been paid for the beat.

He was quoted to have said,

‘I was in shock when I heard the next morning that the song was out. I didn’t record with D’banj, I think Olu sent the beat to him, and he recorded.

There was no credit at all, no credit on the promo copy, there was no credit
online, no credit whatsoever’. ‘I did try to talk to them, I talked to Olu Maintain in my office.

My trademark was removed. The original beat had my trademark. I talked to them about it, and we were going to have a brief meeting about it, but till now, there has been no credit…
It was KC Graphics, his graphic designer who gave me his contact’.

We are yet to get word from D’banj’s camp, but the producer has come out on Twitter to deny making such claims saying, ‘I have been fully paid’.


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