How Korede Bello Stole Godwin From Me – Davido


I think 2016 has been the year of beef between the A-List music Act. From ………….. We don’t need to mention , cos you already know who we talking about.

According to a very reliable source, we can authoritatively report that HKN Hit maker and Nigerian Music Superstar, Davido is laying claim to, arguably, one of the BIGGEST songs of last year, the song which we can say catapulted the young Mavin Artiste Korede Bello, to the stratosphere of the Nigerian Music Industry.

Davido has outrightly accused Korede Bello of stealing the idea of the hit song ‘God Win’ from him during a visit to his studio by the latter. He said

“I have kept quiet about it all along, mostly
because I’ve been trying to focus on other
things and I’m like., “let the boy shine” but people have been making certain comments in the media and I’ve had it up to here.

That song is mine. It’s my intellectual property, and he stole it from me. The World needs to know.

Davido reportedly made the claim during a night out with members of the HKN gang, Shina Rambo and B-Red. When pressed for more information by our very reliable source, he went into a furious tirade, describing in detail how Korede Bello stole the song from him.

“I made a huge mistake allowing him into my studio! Huge mistake!!! He had come together with the rest of the MAVIN Crew and The Don himself, they wanted to discuss a collaboration between me and Reekado, I was even considering doing a song with him too. This is how he pays me?! Mahn! I had written God Win 2 nights before, though the lyrics were a bit different he Changed them! The original version was:

‘I don get her number, God Win. She come into my bed na God Win… I spray her my dough na God…

Why was I singing about girls and money at the same time I was singing about God? Let’s not talk about. The bottom-line is, he found the lyrics lying in the studio in the small book I wrote it in. I know he was the last person who looked at that book, After they left I started looking for it. I went to check the exact place I kept it, it was smelling like Relaxer and Jerry Curl Cream and Pink Oil… Reekado has dada, Di’ja was wearing wig, Don Jazzy barbed skin cut, D’Prince was smelling like Olay cream but what I perceived was Vaseline, Dr Sid didn’t come with them… so I knew it was Korede *lol*. I just decided to fash it off… Next thing I know some weeks later.


at this point Davido tosses a glass of champagne angrily across the room but it bounces off a cushion and hits Shina Rambo on the head. Shina passes out. Davido doesn’t care. He continues…


I just left it, you know, let the boy have a hit. Then I watched an interview after the Headies where that PulseTV guy asked a man on the street what the best song of 2015 was? and you know what the man said?! GOD WIN! He even sang the song! That was when I lost it”.

In light of these accusations, we tried to reach Korede Bello for comments. All he had to say was ‘Egbon Davido, if you want the song back… please don’t want it back! This is my biggest song!”….

Why did Davido Wait This Long To Lay Claims? Or is he afraid of the Mavins?

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