Tracy Daniels and Her Marriage Brouhaha

Click for Full Image SizeTracy Daniels and her twin sister, Treasure AKA Gholden Girlz were once actresses in Nollywood before they veered into music few years ago.

Few days ago, the twins marked their birthday in grand style at Elias lounge Victoria Island Lagos, and it was put together by a few friends in conjunction with Elias lounge.

The party also doubled as a survival party for Tracy’s auto car accident on May 1, 2014 which almost claimed her life. Tracy survived with just a scar on her left arm but the car was a write off.

However, it could be recalled that she (Tracy) was supposed to be married. She wedded her Indian expatriate lover on Friday April 7th 2012 at a low key wedding in Ohaukwu, Ebonyi state. But since after the wedding reports and photos, nothing has been heard about the star and her husband.

They haven’t been spotted together anywhere, neither has she changed her surname.

Trouble started for Tracy few days after the colourful wedding when an anonymous caller made several calls to editors of media houses and notable bloggers claiming she was the legitimate wife of the Indian expatriate.

She made the calls on Wednesday April 11 2012, and caller had this to say.

“Is it OK for Tracy to just come in and take what belongs to someone else and celebrate it on the pages of a magazine? She stole my husband and she must return him.

Let her hide all the details of the white wedding, we shall see. It is only a thief who hides. If she’s doing the right thing, how come everything is in secrecy?”, the anonymous lady had claimed.

Her teeming fans and admirers haven’t stopped asking questions and demanding for urgent answers on the fate of the much celebrated marriage. Click for Full Image Size


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