‘How I bounced back to after my deadly Illness’- Yoruba Movie star, Ogogo Marks His 55th birthday In Joy!

In a Recent chat with Encomium, Veteran Yoruba actor, Alhaji Taiwo Hassan Popularly Ogogo recapped the ugly moment which almost sent him to the great beyond..see excerpts below:
On Friday, October 31, 2014, you clocked 55.  How does that make you feel?
First, I give thanks to Almighty Allah for the grace.  Clocking 55 really makes me feel happy.  I am grateful to Allah for sparing my life till this moment.  Although, it has not been that easy and smooth, I still thank God for His mercies on me all this while.  I have a lot of reasons to be grateful to God, especially how I came out of my terrible experience when I took ill.  I will forever thank God for sailing me through.  And I pray that won’t be my portion again and all those who love me wholeheartedly.
Can you share with us some of your happy moments?
I have a lot of moments that called for celebrations.  God has been so wonderful to me.  And I must also be very grateful to my parents because without them, maybe I wouldn’t have known God.  Not only that, they also tried in the aspect of education.  Then, I am happily married, and I am blessed with lovely children. Each time I see them, I am always happy.  I always thank God. I am praying to be a grandfather very soon (laughs).  If we now talk of automobiles, house to call my own, Alhamdullilahi.  I don’t need to be talking about things like these but just to give thanks to Almighty Allah, who has been blessing my career since day one.
What about your saddest moment?
Yes, there is no way you live and won’t have one or two negative stories to tell. But one thing about me is that so far I have overcome any challenge, I don’t see it as a big thing again.  Each time I ponder over my trying period, I give thanks to Almighty Allah because a lot of people have undergone mild ailments and they couldn’t survive them.  So, coming out alive from such a severe predicament is something one can’t stop thanking God for. It’s not by my power or wisdom.  Everything was beyond human knowledge.  I will continue to be grateful to all my fans and the media for their support all through.  Whatever I am today it’s through you guys.  If you’re into anything and nobody is appreciating you it’s like you’re not doing anything.  But so far you have people around you, appreciating your work, it inspires you to forge ahead.  That’s exactly what keeps Ogogo moving till date.  So, I must forever be thankful to Allah for the kind of grace I am enjoying within the industry and beyond.  Even in my hometown, they all appreciate me, they see me as one of their illustrious sons.  Our monarch, Oba Kehinde Olugbenle Agunloye II, the Olu of Yewaland, also accords me special recognition.  The same way all other Obas in our area treat me.  I appreciate them all, may Almighty Allah continue to be with them.
Was there any time you made a decision that called for regret?
No, there wasn’t any moment of such.  I believe if anything happens to me, it’s to the best knowledge of Almighty Allah.  So there was nothing I did that I regretted.
We’re happy to see your new look, how do you feel now regaining your physique fully?
I feel very happy and joyous.  All I need is to continue to thank Allah for His mercies and protection. I believe what happened to me was a test of faith which Allah made me to overcome.  It’s not by my power but His grace.  A lot of rumours were filtering around then, some said it was cocaine that I was unable to excrete that burst inside my stomach and destroyed my intestines.  Some even said I contacted HIV/AIDS and much more which they later found out that up till now, I am still alive, kicking and bouncing.  It’s a surprise to see Ogogo come alive from a sickness which everybody had already concluded that I might not survive it.  I heard more than enough rumours, but personally, I knew what went wrong with my health.  I had a very terrible experience which I can never forget.  It was a miracle that I came out of it, and now I am back to my normal stature, the hunky Ogogo.  It’s just the parable of 


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